It’s a concept that pretty much haunts us. Just within that title and the first sentence, you might well have figured out where this is going. The purpose of our being is pretty much implied by that word alone.


Why do I say it haunts us? Because I’ve come to believe that our very concern with our being is actually a binding measure, not something that sets us free. There’s a danger in life of being too clever for your own good, for trying to make something seem more complex than it actually is.

I’d say our being falls right into that category.

Human Beings. It’s a pretty loaded term to describe ourselves, isn’t it? Being. What happens when we try to define what being is? Of course, being means to be. Now how do you define to be?

It comes to a juddering halt there.

Really, I think that serves as a warning for us. What happens when we try to define our being? We just come to this halt were we run out of words, were we can no longer give a definite meaning. Unfortunately, that seems to lend itself to abstraction.

So I ask you, what does being mean for you? What is your take on your purpose in life?

I doubt any one of us will agree. We’ll all have our different meanings. That’s fine, but I believe within all these meanings we get to become privy to something. A clue. It’s not so much that within all our ideas there is some underlying universal truth that connects them all. Oh no. I think the multiplicity of meaning there reveals quite the opposite. That there is no fixed meaning; just short of there being no meaning. You can have personal meaning, but no universal one. In short, it’s chaos.

What good is that?

Going back to the idea of being too clever for your own good, the chaos is welcome. Why? Because what I am about to say flies in the face of our beliefs, in face those self-ascribed traits that are innately ‘human’.

Instead of seeking to understand, just give up. Don’t bother.

For one simple reason.

There are some things in life that are beyond our understanding. That’s not meant to be negative, on the contrary, it;s meant to be a positive thing. To accept that some mysteries will never reveal themselves is not a weakness, but a strength.

In this case, it is liberating to accept that we don’t know what our being, what our purpose is. You can substitute a value if you want an answer, but it’s the same as accepting there is no knowable meaning to being.

It’s that you’re free.

With no purpose, no being, the world is a clean slate. It’s open to your choices. What do you want to do? Then that becomes your meaning. Your purpose is not told to you, it is ascribed to what you feel within you. You are free because the notion of a universal meaning is not essentially an answer you want. Theoretically, once you know what that universal meaning is, you would be burdened by it. It would be a responsibility, the knowing, the comprehending of your existence.


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