Update Everyday – How Many Posts are too Many?

I’m aware that it’s been a while since I’ve actually posted something here, and in terms of blogging that would be a cardinal sin. From the various tips I’ve read, the general rule is to post regularly to keep things moving. However, I don’t think it actually does you any good to be continually blogging material every day.

I write when something catches my attention, and some days I have nothing to say. I don’t believe it’s helpful for anyone following me to have to wade through posts that have been published for the pure purpose of keeping to a schedule. The fact is really, a blog is made by its readers, not by the person who reads it. I think it puts off people to continually spam their messages with posts that aren’t of any real interest. We’re all busy enough these days, and we don’t appreciate it when our time is wasted.

I think part of the issue is simply that once you start a blog of any sort, you then try to find things to talk about in order to fill it up. Yes, you need to keep your page up to date, otherwise no one will bother with it – and that’s the motivation behind positing regularly in the first place. When I look at it, I think there’s a good middle ground here, as there is with most problems. Post some things, but don’t go overboard. If I find I suddenly have lots of ideas one day, and then none the next, I just choose one and then save the rest as drafts for other days.

Anyway, schedule to you keep to for blogging? Do you post regularly every day, or once a few days? What works best for you and your readers?


2 thoughts on “Update Everyday – How Many Posts are too Many?

  1. [ Smiles ] No two bloggers are alike; they even have different audiences. What my readers might accept, yours might reject.

    The nice part about having a personal blog is: we can blog as often as we like, or not as often. Do what works for you, but never ever let your readers lose interest in your blog; you don’t want to give them the wrong impression that you abandoned it.

    1. Very true. I tend to think that if you post too much a blog can just turn into a dump for your personal problems, rather than things you’ve spent time thinking about. That’s just me though.

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