Unfortunately, that word is the one thing that’s never going to escape me. I used to ridicule it, but now when I stand back, the one word that really sums up most of what I do is just that.

Being a writer.

That’s the start for me; the starting point for you here. Why is it that? Well, because it’s quite simple. I used to want to be an artist. I never am satisfied with visual art though. It was never good enough for me. I couldn’t draw everything in my head. I couldn’t draw it well enough either. That, and though a picture can say a thousand words, it doesn’t tell a story like a thousand words. A picture is fixed, it has no function of past, present or future in it. Once you’ve drawn that scene, the picture will always be that scene. It won’t change.

That’s why I’m a writer. Stories change. They always are different, from start to finish. There is progression. From that, you can have many things. The words can make you laugh, they can make you happy, excited or sad. The words can take you to new worlds. That’s what I seek to do.

I knew writing was for me when it stuck around in my head. It wasn’t some long romantic love affair like so many others seem to speak of. I didn’t start writing from a young age, and I never loved writing to begin with.

Writing was boring, it took a long time to get anything substantial written, let alone decent. It never really could compete with playing computer games either. So why am I a writer now then?

Well, all writing is to me is a medium. It allows me to express the worlds I dream up. What makes being a writer unbearably light though?

You end up feeling the weight of your dreams.


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